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  • How to hear Michael (listen to your voice)


    [From a private session, 11/18]


    [C]onversations [with Michael can happen] with Essence, and these ...  rise within you as your own thoughts and feelings. This is our primary means of communication with individual students. We do not speak directly to the Personality, most of the time. Essence does the work of translating and delivering. 


    However, [if there is an] interest in a more tangible form of communication. [that gives] rise to developing a more conscious platform for exchanges. This means that you would begin to, literally, hear us. 


    Most individuals live in a soup of voices that range from those who have harmed them to those who have nurtured and love them, and while each individual has their own voice, it is often speaking the words of those whose voices are strongest. 


    When one begins to channel or to take seriously the tangible communication with guides and teachers, one must learn to hear one's own voice as clearly as possible. We use that voice. More accurately speaking, we use that frequency, if you will. When one begins to seek to speak to a guide or to us, it is important to listen for YOUR voice. You need not wait for theatrical tones and differentiation from your voice. That will come, later.


    This is why some give up on direct communication with guides and channeling because it often feels like you are just making it up. And you are, in many ways. But that is the point. You must use your own voice to strengthen the bond and clarity of frequency. From there, the voices of guides or our voice becomes its own thing alongside your own. This is because true guidance never overrides your own voice, but comes alongside it as a means to help your own voice grow in clarity and trust. 


    In short, keep listening to your own voice and clarifying that voice as this is where you would begin to find the voices of your guides and us. 

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