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  • Humor on the Causal


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2004]

    [Tibtyc] Good evening. This is Tibtyc (I think). Michael, do you have humour where you live? Do you laugh a lot, and how? Is humour and/or laughter something universal, or merely terrestrial? Some say Jesus never laughed. Does the Tao laugh, and can we join in the laughter?

    Yes, we have a sense of humor, though from your perspective it may be quite “dry” or even startling.

    The known universe (as it exists as part of what we refer to as “TAO”) is built from three primary building blocks that can be described as TRUTH, LOVE, and ENERGY. While Physical, there are biological reactions to the pure experiences of any one of those building blocks. Tears are the biological reaction to Truth; Pleasure is the biological reaction to Love; and Laughter is the biological reaction to Energy (which can be translated as Oneness or Beauty). That which brings you laughter is that which implies a momentary, profound resonance.

    Some of you may believe that some laughter or humor is cruel, but that is not the case when it is genuine, even if you do not agree with the reasons or “tastes” of someone’s humor. For instance, there are many non-physical entities who find the afterlife of many fragments to be quite humorous, particularly those who have constructed a “Hell”, but this is not a cruel humor.

    Humor is entirely based on Paradox, which finds its Resolution in Resonance.

    When some Entities see a fragment flailing in Hell, it is humorous because it is of the fragment’s own making and this self-punishment does not have to be endured, which is the Paradox. The Resolution comes in the slow realization of the fragment that it is not necessary. The Resonance comes in the fact that “we have all been there.”

    We find many fragments methods of death to be particularly humorous, specifically those of the Expression Axis.

    We do not have bodies with which to laugh as you would recognize it, but we do “laugh.”

    [flimflamdamn] er, such as? (Sorry for the interruption but I just have to ask here!)

    [upstaate] really, such as?

    [Michael_Entity] One of your more humorous deaths, Leela, was approximately 4000 years ago while living as a brooding hunter who eschewed contact with people as a means to commune with and consume “nature.”

    [flimflamdamn] don’t tell me, I communed with a poisonous snake, or a bad mushroom.

    [Michael_Entity] You died on the horns of a buck after several days entangled there.

    [flimflamdamn] yeesh; ha ha

    [upstaate] ewe

    [kittlekats41] well, you did ask. . .

    [Michael_Entity] We admitted that our humor could be startling.

    [flimflamdamn] it’s funny too

    [flimflamdamn] makes me wonder what the buck did! Anyway….

    [Tibtyc] But can not humour be paradox-free? Just Recognition…

    We do not know of genuine humor that is paradox-free. There is always an element of surprise, even with recognition, resolution, and resonance.


    And finally, if one considers that everything is an extension of Tao, then yes, Tao does experience laughter/humor.

    We will add that many of you can experience a most profound humor if you stop for one single moment and see the higher perspective of your life, including the drama, pain, and challenges. Sometimes a fragment who is extant can “get” the humor of his or her life and appreciate the absurdity of some of the events. If you can see the humor of your life, you are closer to Home than ever.


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