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  • The next level of the Michael Teachings


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2007]


    [Upst8] What is next in the curriculum of the teachings?

    [Michael Entity]
    All expanding levels of our teaching will continue to be extensions of LEARNING HOW TO CHOOSE and CHOOSING HOW TO LEARN, and with that in mind, it could be said that “what’s next” in our curriculum of teaching would be in the more specific dynamics of how to use choice is more than a simple form of navigation, but as a form of CREATION. Many of our students can grasp how one can bounce around through life and use choice as a fairly effective means of getting back on track, but much of life is still met with a passivity that allows room for Chief Features to dominate. Once the student truly grasps the magnitude of how choice exists, and can grasp the varying levels of choice that are occuring before, during, and after a lifetime, then the student can begin to grasp how choice can actually CHANGE reality before his or her very eyes, or shift positions of distaste into positions of empowerment almost immediately.

    Many of our “crazier” Old Soul students already grasp this, and while they do live rather eccentrically and out of sync with what is expected of those within your societies and cultures of earth currently, they truly grasp that their next moment is THEIR OWN and that everything that results from the thoughts, feelings, interpretations, and choices of that moment are THEIR OWN. There is no sense of interference to their choices beyond the calculated room made for the inherent assumptions and agreements of being physical. Otherwise, their Choice is experienced as magical, and not as a burden or regret.

    We will conclude here. Good night to each of you. And if you are one of our “crazier” old souls who have been teetering toward a life of ownership of your choices, we suggest you adopt the mantra of the next few months as HELL YEAH!

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