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  • 7 Levels of Mind


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: August 2009]


    [Question] What are the 7 levels of the mind?


    [Michael Entity]
    If we define “mind” as that realm of cohesion among all bodies (emotion, intellect, moving, and the higher counterparts), we would could then describe these 7 Levels as:


    Tangibility; Symbolism; Comprehension; Transition; Telepathic; Intuitive; Wholeness.


    These 7 Levels could be described many ways, but these are the words we can get through this channel at this time. We will elaborate a bit on each, as well.


    • Tangibility might be the level of Mind that brings cohesion through what can be touched and is tangible.
    • Symbolism might be the level of Mind that brings cohesion through interpretation of symbols as represented in events, patterns, and behaviors. Dreams might be included here.
    • Comprehension might be the level of Mind that grasps the concept of probabilities and the true impact of Choice.
    • Transition might be the level of Mind that that brings cohesion through grasping the patterns of the past and how this contributes to the present. The level of Mind that can change directions and pivot based on what has been learned to date.
    • Telepathic levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought through the recognition and application of the 3 levels of Truth (personal, global, universal) as a means of connecting to other Minds.
    • Intuitive levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought through the transcendence of logic and reason, to the direct perception of the larger contexts of any situation, event, or people.
    • Wholeness levels of Mind might be the cohesion that is brought by the capacity to absorb, adapt, and embrace any variations on reality, experiences, and directions brought about by the self, others, or the free-unfolding of life.


    [Question] Is Tangibility also what one might term “creating reality”?


    [Michael Entity]
    We would agree, though this phrase could be said of any level of Mind described above. Specific to Tangibility, it might be said that Tangibility would “create reality” through the limitations of what one can DO with what one HAS. To put that another way, it could be said that Tangibility is the level that says, “I can create with this hammer because I have a hammer” whereas another level of Mind, such as that of Comprehension, might say, “I can create with this hammer, but I can also get a saw and drill and materials so that I can create even more.”


    The average fragment extant is now in Transition levels of Mind. Our average Student is in the Telepathic levels of Mind.

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