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  • Communication with Michael Between Lives


    This was originally posted as a private transcript on 2/28/14. 


    Q: My first question is: prior to incarnating this time, was my essence in 'communication' with you at all, and if so, could you provide some insight into this communication, especially if there is something that I might consider to be 'of significance'?



    Oh, yes.


    Communication with us as an entity did occur between the lifetimes. This is common for any lifetime where we will be sought or discovered again as teachers.


    When our students plan to cross paths with us while incarnated, then at some point before that incarnation, there is something attended similar to an open classroom where we are also teaching in the Astral.


    This open classroom is like a multiplex arena with various fragments speaking on our behalf, much like the way it occurs in the practice of channeling while Physical.


    In the Astral, the Essences of those who are our Primary Channels are also our Primary Channels, and each of those channels works as a liaison between us and our students who are planning a lifetime.


    Our relationship "there" is very much like it is "here" in that there is question and answer time so that insight can be seeded into the new Personality for potential awakening in the lifetime.


    Though no Essence can predict exactly how the Personality will navigate the life being planned, there are a few things that are discussed with us as part of that preparation for the lifetime:


    The "seeded insights" that would hopefully, eventually, help that Personality find us through our channel; discussion of the plans for the Life Task; and while our teaching will likely be explored in many ways upon finding us, there does tend to be a broad intention for what the Essence wishes to extract from our teaching while extant.


    Seeded insights are those moments when an experience is likely to prompt the questions about the higher context of events, higher context of meaning, etc. This helps one to then begin the Search.


    The Life Task is discussed because, if a channel is not found, and our teaching is not found, we can still directly work with a student as he or she navigates the choices that fulfill the Life Task.


    As for what the Essence will seek to extract from the teaching while extant, this will tend to be one to three themes of 12 from which to choose.


    These are relative to the set of 12 descriptions for the Support Circle. Those descriptions also capture the range of themes that a fragment will seek from our teaching.




    In your case, you seek to extract Discipline, or how one can understand the responsibilities of choice on all levels; Beautifying, or how using our teaching can help make sense of the patterns of your own and others' lives; and Enlightening, or how to build a structure of perspective that allows for new experiences (and old) to be interpreted.


    We know we have gone overtime, but we think the above speaks to anything that may be considered "of significance," in that if you look at your range of questions, how you are processing our responses, and what you may do with our teaching, those three broad themes will shed some light on how you are representing your own Essence in your relationship with us as teachers.


    We can elaborate upon these themes in further discussions with you or other students.

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