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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2013]


    [HunterG] Hello Michael, I know you have said listening to music can be a direct link to essence. My question is "What is the interaction with essence in the context of CREATING music?" Because not much has been said in that regard.


    The process of creating music is often the process of manifesting Essence. It is a bringing of the language of the Astral Plane into form.


    All music is an extension of the Astral Plane.


    This could be said of any Matter, actually, but music is one of the more fluid and concise extensions.


    Different kinds of music extend from different levels of the Astral Plane, but all of it is an extension of this Plane.


    This includes the "music" of non-sentient species, as well.


    [HunterG] Would there be a way to differentiate the different kinds of music?


    [MEntity] Yes. Think of the Astral Plane as something like an Emotional Center with all of its Parts. The Moving Part would be that which encourages movement/action. The Higher Moving would be that which encourages resonance/Beauty. The Intellectual Part would be that which brings Expression, such as song, lyrics, etc., while the Higher Intellectual would be along the lines of choral, or philosophical/Truth explorations in word, and the Emotional Part would be that which soothes and calms, while the Higher Emotional Part might bring healing/Loving. Music is not one or the other of these, but often a mix of at least 2 or 3.

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