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  • Cyclical nature of pursuits of passion


    [Excerpt from a private session on February 15, 2016; posted with permission]


    Question: I feel like my learning to channel is very cyclical: In the beginning I feel inspired to do the work and push things forward and then I'm quite dedicated for a while. Then there usually comes a time where I can't seem to see any progress and I start doubting myself, so I get frustrated and start to recoil and stop channeling. I always pick it up after a while again, when I feel inspired again and the frustration has dissipated. Yet, I'd like to be more steady in my training, and even out this fluctuating dedication a bit. So I'd like some advice on how to keep the inspiration up or „care appropriately“ even in times where progress with my work with you might not be apparent. 


    It is important to know that as you explore your capacity for channeling, it will bring up your inner cycles that you just described. This would be true of any pursuit of passion, actually. The cycles are different for different fragments, but they tend to go in the order of Inspirational, Action, Expression, Assimilation.


    These are natural. Some cycles are "tighter" and some are greater in arcs.


    What you may not realize is that this IS part of the "training."


    You cannot build upon experience without these cycles.


    For those who try to lock into one part of this cycle, the pursuit usually ends at some point.


    For those who allow the cycles to unfold, there is a constant building upon experience, and a process of clearing.


    You are inspired, you do the work, you analyze it, and then you digest/sort.


    What you are feeling when you feel disenchanted or daunted is the grief element involved with the sorting.

    Letting go of what did not work, assessing the comparison between what you had intended vs what was accomplished, a look ahead at what may be a daunting new cycle and reconnection to inspiration.

    If you look at your process, you will likely see there are fairly stable patterns here that can be anticipated. For most, these are linked to the Male/Focused - Female/Creative Energy Cycles/Ratios and and how the combination that creates that unique cycle for you works.


    Comment: It's good to know that there is no need to be concerned about this cyclical pattern.

    It is okay to be concerned, but concerned in a way that is beneficial rather than undermining.

    Your positive concern can be more focused on getting what you can from the cycles and allowing that Assimilative rest between cycles that lets you find new levels of inspiration.


    ### end of excerpt

    This content may be discussed in the blog entry that describes the session. See Inner Cycles of Pursuits of Passion.

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