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    [Excerpt from Martha's private session on Imagination, originally published on January 4, 2011]


    [Martha] I’ve found a number of references in Troy’s channeling to Imagination, and how we don’t understand the possibilities of its use, regarding our multidimensional selves, parallels and probabilities. Are there levels to Imagination? Some deeper aspect of the teachings?


    Imagination is the highest frequency that a Sentient body carries as a tool, and this could be said to correspond to the Causal Body of that fragment. The greater the use of the imagination as a tool, the more aligned one is with his or her Entity and its general intentions/agenda. 


    The imagination could be said to have 3 functions, rather than levels, and those would be REPRODUCTIVE, CREATIVE, and INVOLUNTARY.


    • Reproductive Imagination includes memory, crafts, recounting, recall, recognition, routine, etc. and even body maintenance.
    • Creative Imagination includes ideas, art, solutions, potential, possibilities, anticipation, etc. and even body healing/recovery.  
    • Involuntary Imagination includes fear, instinct, defense, reactions, depression, psychoses, pathologies, etc, and even illnesses.


    Each function often overlaps with another function. In the context of accessing Parallels, the Reproductive Imagination comes into play.

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