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  • Jung and active imaginations


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2009]

    [Question] Could Michael please comment on the experiences of Carl Jung as documented in his recently released “Red Book”? In particular, I’m curious to hear about how Jung induced the “active imaginations” as described in this book.

    [Michael Entity]
    Jung merely observed a natural phenomenon of the culture of beliefs that are inclined toward personification, and in observing this, sought to harness it. We do not see any particular method for his inducing active imaginations, though he does appear to have developed cues to help, but rather he allowed room for that natural tendency in his therapies.

    This was revolutionary to some extent since these factors were not given any validity before his theories.

    We will also add that our channel has not read the book in question, so our comments are limited to our access to, and interpretation of, Jung’s records.

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