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    channeled by Troy 2004


    Keep in mind that the nature of Inspiration is generated from within, not found outside. When one feels a lack of inspiration, one speaks of a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation is often the result of lacking specificity and direction. We would suggest the following steps for revitalizing your Inspiration, Motivation, and Direction:


    1. Determine SPECIFICALLY what you wish to CHANGE. When one lacks Inspiration, it is because something needs to change that is not changing; even more accurately, it is because a great deal of energy is being used to sustain a direction that is outdated and unfulfilling and, therefore, requiring an equal amount of effort to change it. The main reason one continues in a direction that is unfulfilling or lacking inspiration is because one has not defined EXACTLY what one wants to change. Your change may be multifaceted, and if that is the case, choose the most obvious and accessible facet for which to start your efforts.


    2. Determine your first 3 steps toward implementing the actions required to nurture that change. Even if this step takes more than a few efforts, determine your next 3 steps and map them out. It is necessary for this step to be in place because it will be important to be able to measure your redirection. Your next 3 steps should tangible. In other words, these steps should include your Body, your Actions, Doing something. Your Emotions and Intellect are often far ahead of your Body in terms of Change and awareness of your needs and wants, but your Body needs to follow through.


    3. Follow through. Once action has been implemented, you can adjust your flow of direction and choices, but you must follow through for results to being resonating to your internal flow of inspiration.

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