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  • Objective Art vs. Subjective Art


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2013]


    Hi michael, I have a question concerning OBJECTIVE art ( as stated by gurdjieff and OSHO) vs. Subjective art. What is your description of the differences between them and what centers are utilized?

    In terms that differentiate the arts as Subjective versus Objective, one is a function of an individual's subconsciousness, various layers of processes, including those that tap into collective consciousness, yet all of which are interpretative and rather metaphorical. Whereas the Objective is utterly its own, standing as itself, with or without meaning, metaphor, and relevance.


    When the Subjective is referred to as "soulless," it was not intended to mean "less than," but more to represent the perspective of Personality, the temporal.


    That art which is Objective is of Essence, or at least, of the Personality that is awake.


    Subjective art represents something. Objective art represents itself. 


    Most of what passes as "art" is not of Essence, is "soulless," if you will. It is of Personality, and that is about as derogatory as saying that a single lifetime is the result of the choices of Personality, not necessarily those of the soul.


    All of the Lower Centers are involved when Subjective Art is created. ALL of the Centers are involved when Objective Art is created.

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