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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: October 2008]

    [Question] On a lighter note, I recently (12 weeks ago) had a child. What general recommendations can you provide on raising children?

    [Michael Entity]
    There is a multitude of responses we could share for that question. For simplistic purposes, we will share three key considerations:

    1. One can never give too much constructive, positive attention and affection to an infant, toddler, or teen. Their cries, tantrums, and rebellions are not power plays, but relevant methods for communicating need, want, and pain, however inconvenient those may be.

    2. Most “negative” behavior exhibited from a child before the age of 18 is an extension of the fears of the caretakers (parents). Addressing your personal methods for handling fear, for transforming Chief Negative Features, is far more effective in helping and guiding a child into adulthood than through active intervention of their behavior.

    3. Honest Communication: Paying attention to what a child emotes, expresses, and does is your most direct source of information about the Essence of the child. Responding to a child with a platform of honesty and clarity encourages wholeness of self.

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