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  • What is déjà vu?


    [Excerpt from Member Gratitude Event: March 2016]

    Maureen: Would you tell us a little more about déjà vu episodes. What causes them? Why do they occur?, etc. 

    There are primarily two reasons for this experience, though we could elaborate further in continued exchanges on the topic. 

    Both reasons are a function of memory. In the more practical and most common sense, it is a "hiccup" in the recording of a current experience. Your body and brain have taken in the experience and recorded it *before* your consciousness has registered the memory. 

    When it "plays back," it is playing back in what might be experienced as two layers (or more). 

    Here is a quite literal and simplistic example: 

    You walk into a room. Your mind is "elsewhere." Your body and brain register the walking into the room. Your mind "returns" and plays this memory back immediately. It is superimposed on the present input and feels as if it is a bizarre memory, but it is actually a memory recorded only seconds before. 

    This is most common among those who are distracted, distressed, panicked, in pain, worried, anxious, in creative processes, etc. 

    The second form of Deja Vu is more relevant to the "mysterious" memories that arise relative to experiences that transcend the current life or local memory.

    These are called up from the Instinctive Center and triggered by any number of cues. 

    These tend to last longer in duration and tend to trigger more profound philosophical inner dialog than the local deja vu. 

    In both instances they are simply synchronized moments of memory. One is a replay of an immediate moment and the other is a replay from beyond the immediate moment. 

    There is no more significance to these than any other form of memory. Sometimes these are random, and sometimes they are relevant, and sometimes they are pleasantly nostalgic or exciting, or they are processes of sadness and healing. 

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