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    From Troy:


    One thing that is very unique and interesting of the Michael Teachings and Michael is that people who are drawn to the information are not inclined to exclude the teachings/perceptions of other sources. I love that.


    I used to enjoy Lazaris a lot more than I do now, because a lot of the information has lately leaned toward more of the foofy stuff, but anyway, I thought this was interesting from Lazaris:


    PART ONE: The Seven Faces of Soul
    PART TWO: The Seven Faces of Soul


    Looking forward to your comments.


    Ken Parker: An interesting detail from this quote is the idea, which is also hinted at in the Michael teachings, that the Instinctive Center, being the neutral center, is a gateway leading to our Higher Centers. However, the main point is that we can spend time in our Instinctive Centers and still function in the day-to-day world. So, to look closer at that, I go to Emily Baumbach's excellent book, “Celebrities”, which contain channeled overleaves for a bunch of famous people. (This is a much expanded version of the appendix to Emily&'s earlier book “Michael's Cast of Characters”). So, in this list of over a thousand people, I only count eleven people that are not in the Infant or Baby soul age, but are listed with the primary centering of Instinctive. See footnote for list and analysis. That led me to some interesting tangents, but the main point I wanted to make, which led to this exercise in the first place, was the fact that, as a whole, we human beings do not appear to choose Instinctive Center lifetimes very often, possibly because of a HUGE fear of our Instinctive “Basement”, that may even extend to our between life state.

    So what do I read in the Lazaris material? I see here what looks like a different “style” of the Seven Internal Monads, where the basics are all done, but in a different way. This looks like it would fit a race or society where the Instinctive Center is valued, instead of feared. It may be something for us to shoot for in the future, because it looks like good, conscious, fearless Instinctive Center review in every lifetime could cut down on the quantity of lifetimes required for the Grand Cycle because the Instinctive Center would DEFINITELY allow us to learn from our own history, instead of having to repeat it.

    Troy: This is very interesting in light of the nature of Lazaris in the first place! Michael has been very clear in reminding us that Lazaris has never taken Human form. Having had no physical incarnations, the information from Lazaris can tend to sometimes be a bit unattainable, naive, and eager. The insight you offered, Ken, that what Lazaris paints is a species lacking fear of the Instinctive seems totally in keeping with a consciousness who has never had to approach it from the individuality of the Human Personality.




    Lazaris is an entity who is channeled through Jach Pursel. Lazaris claims to have never been incarnated into physical existence and I think Michael has agreed with that claim. Because Lazaris has never been physical, some of their insights and instructions are a little bit disconnected from the human experience, but a lot of what Lazaris says is pretty profound, too. I think Michael described the Lazaris entity as being Sages, Scholars, and Priests, primarily, and that the entirety of that Energy Ring (12 Cadres) from which Lazaris comes has never been physical.

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