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    [Duplication of private session Michael on Seth posted by Janet in 2016]


    For about the last 9 months I have been drawn to the Seth material and have been studying it rather extensively. When I first was introduced to Seth (early 90s I think), I found the material hard to accept -- what I was able to understand. Now much of it makes sense to me, perhaps because I read it with a Michael teachings slant and have much more experience with some of the concepts.


    Can you comment on the extent and duration and perhaps the timing of my current Seth studies? It's as though I have begun to recognize Seth as one of my teachers. I would also be interested in your comments on the frequent ‘coincidence’ of reading sections of Seth materials that have content that connects with current conversation topics on TLE. The number of these occurrences has been amusing.


    Finally, who or what is Seth in Michael terms? I just read an early transcript where he refers to himself as ‘an energy personality essence’, which is the first time I remember the word ‘essence’ in these materials. Seth frequently uses the word ‘entity’ in a way that I think corresponds to ‘essence’ in Michael terminology, although this is not always the case. For me it is validation of both teachings when they overlap. Yet, Seth's materials have a different focus. How do you view the overlap and distinctions between the two teachings?


    First, a teacher is often introduced before the teaching can be heard. This is a kind of seeding process that, if goes smoothly, will eventually unfold a structure that can be returned to and built upon.


    Many of our students are students of Seth.


    One usually comes before the other, and eventually find common ground, even if the terminology is different.


    Seth and we, both, emphasize the process of choice as a primary source of the creation of one's reality. We decided to focus on this from the point of Personality as a way to access and Manifest Essence, whereas Seth decided to focus on this from how this works from the deepest core of Essence and up, through Personality.


    Seth is a Scholar/Sage/Artisan Causal Entity who shares our Cadre 11 in our Energy Ring and is Entity 7.


    We think one of the few ways to validate a teaching beyond the levels of Personal Truth is through the overlapping and consistency that may be a part of a teaching even as they come from different sources and in different ways.


    Janet: Do others channel Seth now? If this is a causal entity I would think this is possible.


    No. There are no valid channels of Seth at this time. The Warrior with whom Seth works will return to continue their work, but all claims to be channeling Seth are false, or misunderstood relationships with facets of that channel's Personality or Essence.


    Because their material is quite "dense" and focused, the Agreements remain with the Warrior. This Warrior is helping "Seth" to prepare for their Transcendental life.


    Janet: Do you collaborate with Seth at all?


    MEntity: Our Cadre cross-references our experiences and material, but our teachings remain quite distinct and unique among the entities, even as we are of the same Cadre. This is part of every Entity's evolution through the Causal Plane: to clarify and formulate that distinction as a teaching and teacher.

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