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  • Velikovsky and Venus


    [From Ask Michael Ning Archive: Velikovsky]


    Question: Velikovsky deduced that perhaps Venus was created from the planet Jupiter. His assumption was that the myths of gods were the description of a non-technical people trying to describe what they were seeing in the night sky. Is the creation of Venus correct and did this then cause environmental shifts which lead to the fertile crescent becoming mainly desert?


    MENTITY: The Artisan-cast Scholar fragment known as "Velikovsky" is correct to a certain extent, in that much of what is under the heading of "myth" and "gods and goddesses" were stories used to help describe many events that were difficult to understand, ranging from astronomical events to extraterrestrial contact. He was incorrect, however, in terms of his time lines, at least in regard to his hypotheses about the creation of Venus, from what we can see, and we do not see a connection between the creation of Venus and the geographical areas known as the "fertile crescent."

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