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  • Attention Span and Forgetfulness


    This was originally posted within a private transcript on 11/3/13.


    <BC> I am experiencing short attention span and forgetfulness. Much of your teachings that I read in the 80's (the Orinda group books for example) now seem forgotten. I no longer have the curiosity nor mental stamina to actively read and study the teachings. Is this a function of my autoimmune disorder, the effects of an aging and mostly sedentary body, and/or the effects of too much tv?


    First, much of what you have learned has been integrated. The details and memory are moot. It is the truths, the love, the energy that matter. The terms and archiving of material is only one part of the teaching. In addition to curiosity, there must be recognition, application, and integration.


    Second, much of the material of our teaching that is available is redundant, and/or the depth is dismissed in favor of memorization. When depth or expansion is not presented, the material would appear to be mined for all it is worth, though that is not the case.


    Third, when integration of the teaching has come to be solid, then building upon the teaching becomes more of the direction of interest, using the teaching as a familiar foundation, but expanding into territories of personal and even amorphous territory. You are not limited to the questions asked by others, but can begin your own vein of exploration that would contribute to the whole.


    The technical aspects may simply be no longer appealing as they take you away from the recreation that you seek. Working with us and our teaching/teachers in a way that speaks to a more personal and exploratory directions can bring us more into the ownership and nurturing of friendship than as merely being teacher and student.


    We do not think your disinterest and memory regarding our teaching is relative to any physical conditions, simply a symptom of your more inclusive evolution, expansion, and interests. The conditions you list do have their challenges, of course, and the comfort of television is just that: comfort, not a denigration of your faculties.

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