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  • Can RetroActivePsychoKenesis influence the rate of radioactive decay?


    [excerpt TT: 2001-02-02]


    [Lights_Edge] RetroPsychoKenesis has shown that humans are able to influence the frequency of radioactive decay. Radioactive decay is thought to have pure quantum randomness. Can you explain how humans are able to bias this randomness? Are their thoughts a source of this bias?


    [Michael_Entity] As we have said before, and here will say again, there is no true “randomness.” Assuming that it is “true” creates a false premise with which to build further speculations and questioning, rendering all responses to the speculations and questions meaningless to a great degree.


    The instances asked about above could be more accurately examined in light of terminology along the lines of “synchronicity” and “resonance”, rather than “influencing” or “biasing” and “randomness.” We will say that when there is evidence described in your question, this is an example of a fragment in the Positive Pole of the Higher Moving Center.


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