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    Does Michael have any words of wisdom to help Troy?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- July 2001]


    [MaryBV] I am wondering Michael if you have any words of wisdom to help Troy with his current situation?


    He is surrounded by Karma, both philanthropic and traditionally karmic (difficult), mixed with his own self-karmic explorations. It is part of his life to have these events. His sense of “safety” comes from the balance of philanthropy to difficult karma. This Sage created a Personality that is capable of tremendous “blows” as a means to move more quickly through the more difficult 6th Level. His current situation is based on Philanthropic Karma as will reveal itself as it unfolds.


    We would suggest more physical action involved with the days as they pass, rather than a sense of waiting for the worst. This will do much in creating the avenues for change that could be more acceptable to our channel. We are working with him, along with his own guides, on levels that cannot be addressed in this forum. Far clearer communication is available to Troy on that level.

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    This is a collaborative project that allows contributions from all members and is continuously growing.


    • contribute transcripts, excerpts, or articles based on your work and study with Michael through Troy
    • to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright issues, please only contribute channeling from Troy
    • please do not submit an analysis, interpretative, or opinion articles; only direct communication with Michael
    • take time to clean up, format, and edited properly so that it is easily readable
    • please format any chat transcripts so that Michael's words are clearly separate from any questions or comments in the transcript
    • please search and scan to see if your submission is already covered or submitted. We wish to keep any redundancy to a minimum


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