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  • 7 Facets of Mastery


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 2009]


    [Question] What are the 7 levels of  "true" mastery on the side of truth?
    …is there a group collective consciousness occurring, as, well, as, a
    …collective consciousness of all the assortment of 7 levels of a fragment
    …(where one can tap into going back to an infant – to the current manifested age,
    …and, even forward to the ultimate return to the tao) consciously, and, unconsciously-
    …as, if past-present-future and now, are occurring in The Pivot of The NOW ?
    or, does love/and, energy also factor into the sum total (since, it is a trine/or trinity) 3 aspects of a cadre/entity?


    [Michael Entity]
    The 7 stages of Mastery would be the same for all fragments, and this might be described as the process that is the set of Overleaves called GOALS, or in words that are more relevant, such as Focus, Refinement, Commitment, Flexibility, Affection, Meaning, and Embodiment. We also add that these are facets, not stages.


    The experience of a fragment within the structure of Time can use “the now” as a pivotal point for accessing future and past, though not necessarily in any literal way. The experience of Time is an Emotional reality, so when one “goes back in time,” one can affect the present by altering the interpretation an experience of the past.


    It is true that there is “only the now,” and that it is a pivotal power point. In our teachings, we simply use the word “choice” in place of  “the now,” as Choice is the active element in the experience of time, past, future, and present.

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