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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: April 2002]


    [ClaireN] What communal truths do we Americans have that are distinct from other countries/cultures?


    [M_Entity] Some of the more distinct Community Truths (which are merely clusters of shared Personal Truths), are: Be Friendly, But Not Intimate; Never Touch; Find Superficial Tastes as a Means to Identify Potential Mates and Confidants; Do Not Be Yourself, if the Risk of Loss is Too High; Never Reveal Too Much; Being Financially Responsible is a Sign of A Responsible Person or Family; Do Not Be Poor; It Is Better To Sacrifice Than to Be Happy; Family is Not Defined Biologically; Sexuality, Race, Gender are Adequate in Defining a Community. And more…

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    • Ingun
      By Ingun
      [Excerpt from a POF session on June 17, 2020]
      Ingun: Hello Michael. What communal truths do we Norwegians have that are distinct from other countries/cultures?
      We could suggest these communal truths as a start:
      That the Moving Center is your friend. It is a generally shared truth that activity and movement are vital parts of life, particularly in terms of the outdoors. That Responsibility is not a burden. It is a generally shared truth that when everyone is sharing responsibilities, then no one is burdened by responsibilities. That the past is worth respecting, but also worth rising above. Although change is not particularly embraced on a wide scale, there is a shared truth that evolution is valuable (and a responsibility) and that the past is to be built upon, not protected or sanctified.  
      ### end of excerpt
      You may comment on the original post of this content. See Communal Truths of Norwegians.
    • Ingun
      By Ingun
      [Excerpt from a Michael Speaks - Dec. 22, 2019]
      Luciana: Michael you were asked once “What communal truths do we Americans have that are distinct from other countries / cultures?” And one more time was asked about Canada .. I would like to ask the same question about Brazil.
      MEntity: Some examples might be:
      These are not particularly unique to Brazil, but we see them as fairly prevalent.
    • Maureen
      By Maureen
      Originally posted by Maureen as a private blog
      From a POF on May 19, 2014
      Maureen: Michael, we know of 3 Levels/Rings of Truth, Personal Truth, Global Truth, and Universal Truth, and you have spoken of a 4th one, Community Truth, between Personal Truth and Global Truth. Are there more? Are there 7 Levels/Rings of Truth?
      There are different ways we can elaborate upon the 3 Levels of Truth. Here, we will offer this angle:
      Each of the 3 Levels of Truths could be said to have 3 components, or means of expression. Truth is an Expressive quality in the universe, so Truth shows up through expressive means.
      For Personal Truths: HONESTY, SINCERITY, and INTEGRITY.
      For Global Truths: COMMUNITY, NATIONAL, and PLANETARY.
      For Universal Truths: BODY, MIND, SOUL.
      Each of these 3 components corresponds to Truth, Love, Energy. These components are under the umbrella of the larger Tier of Truth.
      We can elaborate upon this further in other exchanges.
      Michael before you close out, would you clarify where Truth, Love and Energy "fits" for each of the components?
      For example for Personal Truths I think this would fit: HONESTY: Truth, SINCERITY: Love, INTEGRITY: Energy
      That is correct. Respectively, for each:
      Personal Truths:
      HONESTY: Truth
      SINCERITY: Love
      INTEGRITY: Energy
      Global Truths:
      COMMUNITY: Truth
      NATIONAL: Love
      PLANETARY: Energy
      Universal Truths:
      BODY: Truth
      MIND: Love
      SOUL: Energy
      From an ASK MICHAEL on July 6, 2014
      Michael, I can see how Personal Truths line up: HONESTY: Truth, SINCERITY: Love, INTEGRITY: Energy, but I'd like your take on how Global Truths and Universal Truths line up with Truth, Love and Energy.
      The one that I'm having the most trouble reconciling is the Global Truth of NATIONAL that lines up with Love. I'm not sure how that fits as many of us Older Souls don't see “Love” of a country or being nationalistic as fitting in with our larger view of “the world”.
      If there is time, would you provide a short explanation for the Global Truths and the Universal Truths so we can see how they align with Truth, Love and Energy? If not, just an explanation of the Global Truth, NATIONAL: Love, would be appreciated.
      Nationalism/Nationalistic is not the same thing as Love for one's country. The former tends to be built upon notions of superiority, whereas the latter is built upon gratitude, nostalgia, and appreciation. When one tends to one's home, it can be from notions of superiority to one's neighbors, or it can be from the sense of importance to nurture one's space. This is true on the National scale, as well. The people of a Nation are benefited when there is Love of those peoples.
      This can be a dividing line in Politics, for example. Self-preservation based in superiority, or nurturing on a grand scale for as many as possible.
      However, keep in mind that our response for corresponding Truth, Love, and Energy to the variations of truth within each category of truth, is only for convenience, not from literal representation.
      It may be more accurate to see these as Axes, not as specific terms.
      So, for example, Honesty is Expressive, Personal Truth. Sincerity is Inspirational, Personal Truth. Integrity is Active, Personal Truth. Remember that Truths are relative here.
      Community is Expressive Global Truths, or how a Community expresses, represents itself within the spectrum of how other communities do so.; National is Inspirational Global Truth, or how a people of a nation feel about their place on the planet among other nations; Planetary is Active Global Truths, or how a planet of people behaves in relation to other planets/off-planet life.
      We think we have expanded on these enough for now, but we can further clarify these in further discussions.
      Note: You may comment on this material in the original post. See:  The 3 Components of The 3 Levels of Truth
    • Janet
      By Janet
      This question was originally posted by Jon on 10/26/07.
      There seem to be two main theories as to how the universe works. Some say that we create the universe with our consciousness & belief. Others believe that the universe follows certain laws which we have no control over, and that everything is predetermined. I have personally experienced manifesting (seeing is believing), but I also know that Gravity existed long before anyone believed in it (and I don't become weightless if I stop believing in gravity).

      My question is: Are there universal laws which our beliefs do not affect?
      • If so, is choice just about how we navigate these laws or is there still some aspect of creation involved?
      • If not, then why do these "Laws" seem constant throughout the universe (even in places we did not know existed until recently?
      Your questions correspond to the concepts of the three spheres of Truth: Personal, Community/Global, and Universal.

      Personal Truths are those truths that are flexible and varying among fragments, such as the preferences for certain temperatures, or the preferences for certain flavors, or the preferences for certain spiritualities, etc. These Personal Truths may change over time, or remain fixed, but they only have bearing on the individual who has developed these Truths.

      Community/Global Truths are those truths that exist in place for a particular group of consciousness and/or for a planet, such as the experience of what is called "gravity," or the Sun, or the measurement of time and space, or the reality of photosynthesis, etc. These Truths exist with or without Personal Truths supporting them. For instance, a Personal Truth may be that the Sun revolves around your Earth, but it will remain a Global Truth that the Earth, in fact, revolves around the Sun.

      Universal Truths exist across all forms of existence, regardless of planetary system or plane. Universal Truths are concepts such as Truth, itself, Love, and Energy. These exist with or without the Individual's belief in them; with or without a Global emphasis or realization in them; and exist beyond your current concepts of existence. No matter "where you go or what you know," Truth, Love, and Energy will exist.

      In light of that, and in a more direct response to your question, it is a universal truth that your universe is created by consciousness, but that your experience of the universe is created by your beliefs and intentions. Your universe as created by consciousness does not mean that you are generating your entire universe from the individual stance of one lifetime and one personality, but that your consciousness is part of the consciousness that created the general "laws" that are in place for this particular universe before "you" got there. Once "you" are present within that creation, then it is a matter of creativity and navigation within the playing field that is already in place. In other words, yes, Gravity is a global truth, but creativity and navigation have allowed for freedom within that important truth, giving flight to humans beyond the "law" (or more accurately, the "theory") of Gravity. In the same way that a wall might be in place on a path, so are global truths and universal truths able to be encountered, either as obstacles that halt navigation, or as tools themselves for a greater, creative navigation. Another example may be that of "manifestation," which is not a magical tool, but one of harnessing elements already in place within your playing field of reality and creating or navigating in a way that brings to you what you intend.

      While certain parts of your universe are in place for the sake of structure and embrace, it will never be the case that you are limited by those structures or embraces; you are only limited by your individual beliefs, creativity, and efforts, at least in terms of navigation and experience.

      Other than simple structures and embraces in place, there is nothing predetermined beyond that. To understand this, consider that a car is a structure and embrace for obvious reasons, but this does not limit your choices or navigation in any meaningful way, but, in fact, may be the very means through which your choices and navigation are enhanced.
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2002]
      [Val1] Can you tell us more about creating, changing our own truths?
      In the context of this time frame, most of you will be looking at your own Personal Truths in relation to the average World Truths about WAR, Religion, and Community. There is a focus now on these very important Truths as they stand for those who are in more dangerous positions and how that may or may not affect you.
      As most of you know, there are Personal Truths, which are subject to change at any time, and they may or may not be anyone else’s Truth. There are Community Truths, which are shared beliefs, which contribute to World Truths. World Truths are true for everyone on a planet, whether they wish them to be Truths or not, such as Grass being Green, and Gravity. Depending on your Personal Truths, the World Truth that War still exists and affects the planet, may or may not be a “good thing.” When enough Personal Truths shift, which then shift Community Truths, then World Truths can change as well. Even the Truth of Gravity can change, if its properties change as a World Truth. We believe the properties of War would be even easier to change.
      Many of you will be dealing with your thoughts, feelings, and actions as they relate to those issues of War, Religion, and Community. Your own Personal Truths may or may not be affected.
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