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  • Using the Attitude to deal with anxiety or stress


    [Extracted from Ask Michael: November 2014]


    Brian: Hi Michael. How can one create an effective anchor to ground themselves during anxiety or stress?


    There are two ways to do so, Brian- internally and/or externally. It would always do one well to nurture the internal grounding, first, considering that external forms are not always accessible, but it is helpful to identify external forces for grounding that one can use for support.


    Internal grounding methods to counter stress and anxiety would vary from individual to individual, but one can turn to the Attitude for help in determining methods for help with anxiety and stress.


    When one is anxious or stressed, it is often a result of falling into the negative pole of one's Attitude.


    The key to grounding for recovery from that stress and anxiety can come from the positive pole of the partner Attitude.


    For example, the Spiritualist has fallen into BELIEF. Anxiety can come from deciding what is true over knowing what is true. When one decides what is true without knowing what is true, it can be quite precarious in terms of anxiety and stress. To help the person in BELIEF to move back into VERIFICATION, the use of TRANQUILITY (the positive pole of Stoic) can be key.


    Internal Tranquility can come in the form of conscious breath, stopping all action, closing the eyes, and visualizing flying or floating. External Tranquility can come in the form of a bath, a conscious shower, with the flow of water moving over the body coming into focus to help dissolve the hardened beliefs that are causing stress.


    Then the Spiritualist can ask himself or herself again, "is this really true, or do I just think it is?"


    From that grounded space, Verification can come.

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