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  • Blind Spots of Attitude -- Idealist


    [Excerpt from NWM Blind Spots of Attitude]


    The Idealist, basically, sees life in terms of how it SHOULD BE, or how it can be improved.

    Though all fragments will navigate with some level of expectation, the Idealist navigates almost entirely based in expectations.

    Expectations are healthy. They are a means of navigation and help one to shape choices and actions and feelings in response to the possibilities of life. Both Spiritualists and Idealists are quite familiar with rocky terrain of expectation, but the Idealist takes this to a new level.

    The Spiritualist can tend to have expectations of the world around him or her as a means of navigating potential, but the Idealist can tend to generate expectations from others of himself or herself that the Spiritualist can avoid.

    The Idealist in the Negative Pole can be obvious in his or her Naive approach to fulfilling an ideal.

    They set high expectations without considering the necessary components that need to be in place for coming together to fulfill the ideal.

    While the Spiritualist will make Excuses for his or her disappointments and failing of potential, the Idealist will COMPARTMENTALIZE.

    The Blind Spot, however, we will describe as REPERCUSSIONS.

    The Idealist, when in Naivety, will distance himself or herself from the Repercussions of failed expectations by using compartmentalizing.

    The Positive Pole of the Idealist is a Coalescing of parts that must come together to fulfill the ideal, so when the Idealist is in the Negative Pole, the parts become divided and compartmentalized so that the whole picture can no longer be seen, experienced, felt.

    The Repercussions are avoided, ignored, or distanced from the self.

    This is an insidious form of Naivety.

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