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  • Idealist Attitude


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: July 2013]


    The Attitude is a description of one’s basic philosophy about life. It is the filter through which experiences are interpreted. The Idealist, then, interprets life in a way that is optimistic, but is constantly aware of the room for improvement. The Idealist always sees how things can be better, often in terms of how they “should be,” but rather than use this comparison to undermine the moment, the Idealist usually just aims for “better.” This can work for or against the individual who is an Idealist, depending on factors in the function of other Overleaves, and the presence of the Chief Negative Features.


    When Idealism is in its Positive Pole as Coalescence, it will not only see the room for improvements, but it seeks to understand and implement what that vision of improvement will require. Coalescence is the coming together of parts for the fulfillment of an idea that has become a vision. When idea and vision combine, they become an ideal.


    When Idealism is in its Negative Pole as Naivete, the room for improvement will still be seen, but the aim for that improvement will come from an uninformed, ignorant, or innocent unawareness of what that vision of improvement will require. It is presumed that because one has decided upon how things “should” be, then it is only matter of deciding that is how they should be. There is no concern or consideration for all that would have to come together for that ideal. Furthermore, there is often a complete lack of understanding that the entire concept of an “ideal” is relative, and not always the same for everyone.


    When speaking of Idealism in terms of the year, and in terms of this being a philosophy on a more collective level, it would tend to be a year that is focused on grand improvements in some obvious ways. Because this is a Sage year, we would think this would come in terms of anything regarding entertainment, technology, information, communication, and social structures. ...


    Over the course of July, August, and September, there would tend to come the impact of the breakthroughs or collapses of those ideals, and an effort to continue building upon the ideal, or an effort to return to the Positive Pole for those that have collapsed. Even with the best of intentions, the greatest ideals can fail if there is naivete in the process. One can push and push for the ideal, but if the parts are not coming together in coalescence, the ideal will remain an ideal. ...


    This is an Exalted, Expressive Attitude, so this is not a quiet Attitude. The gentle “voice” in your head, the impulses, the nudges and the intuition would tend to become more pronounced over these months, even if you are not an Idealist in Attitude. The sense of necessity for making things better may focus on specific areas of the life, or the overall quality of the life, or even toward the world in general, or toward the lives of those close to you.

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