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  • Intimacy for the Pragmatist


    Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission.


    Brian: Hi Michael. I'd like to start understanding more of my life task and working on it more in-depth, as I am now seeing it coming up almost everywhere in my life. First I would like to start by getting an understanding of where I am right now, and then I can begin to understand forward trajectories and what might be blocking me from them. 


    Your Attitude is the Pragmatist. 

    This means that your comprehension of Intimacy is going to move through DOGMATISM and EFFICIENCY. ...


    In your case, your pursuit of Intimacy has probably been locked in Dogma for some time. 
    Dogma is set of parameters, principles, and "truths" that are presumed because of either an authority or imprinting that said these things are true, or because of one's personal stance as an authority and insisting these are true. 

    So in your pursuit of Intimacy, you have likely been bumping up against all of your Dogma around the concept of Intimacy, informing you about where you have decided things were true when they were not necessarily true. ...


    As you have evolved your philosophy toward Efficiency, it means that you are no longer constricted to what you think is true or what others think is true or what you have decided is true, but about what you can discover is true. 

    Efficiency is the means of accessing ANY of the Attitudes as way to help bring SENSIBILITY to your perspective. 

    In short, when you use Efficiency, you are brought back to your senses, your common sense, your practical and grounded perspective that is realistic and not floating in speculation, fear, and theories. 


    ### End of excerpt


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