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    [Extracted from Energy Report: July 2017]


    Realism is one of the 7 Primary Philosophies, or Attitudes, that describes how one interprets the experience of existence. Realism is the Attitude that focuses on understanding. Realism learns that there is always more to know, more information, more context, and that any moment of understanding is only an approximation of fuller understanding that can come with more time, experience, information, and context.


    The Positive Pole of Realism is OBJECTIVITY. Objective Realism says that you are not inherently defined by your experiences and that your reality is not defined only by you. Objectivity sees people, life, and experiences as they appear to be, but they do not presume that this appearance is all that there is. Objectivity can have experiences without being those experiences. Objectivity can sort through them as a means to understand the self, without losing the self. Objectivity emphasizes impartiality, fairness, justice, and greater understanding.


    The Negative Pole of Realism is SUBJECTIVITY. This is the assumption that reality, as it exists in the mind, is the only reality that exists, or how one sees reality is just how it is. How one feels about something is more important than the understanding of it. It is an assumption that how reality appears and how one experiences it is all there is.


    NOTE: the phrase “it is what it is” is often used to describe the Realist, but this tends to be the Realist in Subjectivity or the Negative Pole. It is a dismissal or discouragement of effort or interest to understand, see, and learn more. It is a resignation to reality as it appears to be, rather than a participation in broadening one's perspective. It is a shutdown of emotional reality rather than an understanding of its place in the range of experience of reality. It is a killer of curiosity. ...


    Many who are locked in Subjectivity will find that they “hate people,” or that “people make me sick,” etc, because they have resigned to their limited understanding and perspective, determining that how they feel about reality is all that reality is, or that how they feel about a particular subject that involves people is the entire reality that involves people. Those locked in Subjectivity may then be locked in a perpetual battle with inner and outer reality as they refuse to broaden their perspective, refuse to make room for time and context and understanding, presuming that how they feel about it is all that is necessary. These are the people who will either opt out of helping bring change to their lives or to the lives of others, or they will dig in and attempt to force their version of reality upon the lives of everyone.


    Subjectivity is an important part of Realist Attitude because one must truly understand the difference between FEELING and REALITY, FEELING and FACT, FEELING and TRUTH. Subjectivity allows one to fully indulge in the emotional realm so that one can carry that forward into the wider range of reality that will require greater intellectual understanding. Objectivity is not the absence of emotion or the indulgence of intellect, but a harmony between the two. Reality is then a dance between what reality appears to be and how one feels about that, but neither are presumed to be the same things.

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