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  • Realists in Social Situations


    [Excerpt from a Private Session on 2/28/2015]

    [Q] How do Realists appear/act in socializing?

    [MEntity] The Realist tends to show up as being the one who expresses the least amount of surprise and reaction to anything anyone might say, do, or feel about events, relationships, experiences, etc. Even if the Realist is surprised, there would tend to be a lack of outrage or shock. They are of the least-reactionary of the Attitudes because, even if something was not anticipated, there is a realistic processing that happens that assumes room for non-anticipation. 

    In the Positive Pole, they can be excellent sounding boards and sources of insight for help in returning to a balanced perspective. However, in the Negative Pole, they can be exasperating as they shrug off and distance themselves from reaction AS a reaction. 
    When in the Negative Pole, the shrugging off is a defense, a reaction in itself, and tends to be a way for the Realist to keep things from “getting too real.” 

    The difference between a Realist in the Positive Pole and a Realist in the Negative Pole can often be the difference between listening and offering insight vs quickly dismissing and even leaning toward a shaming “I could have told you that,” or “I told you so,” or “What did you expect.”

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