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  • Stoic Attitude: Resignation vs. Tranquility


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: July 2015]


    The Stoic energy of July through September will likely start out from the negative pole of Resignation and slowly shift more toward the Tranquility that allows for more clarity and peace in perceptions.


    Stoic is an Attitude, so  moves toward how you INTERPRET your experiences. This means that this shift is going to bring up the areas of your personal philosophy where you have resigned, given up, stopped trying, or have reached a block in understanding and perception that you find has never or barely changed.


    So the beginning of July may help you to see where you have resigned and given up, and even see these showcased in terms of areas you have forgotten or thought you were well beyond. It is Good Work to allow for this period of time to let you see IF and WHERE you no longer try, but are now willing to revisit.


    For some, this bounce into Stoicism and its Resignation may show up as a kind of reigniting of vigor and vitality for making a difference in areas you have long ignored or justified as being too daunting to take on. Resignation is simply not acceptable or an option.


    For those who find they are passing through Resignation and having difficulty moving through it, we can say two things: IT WILL PASS, so there is no need to be overly concerned, but also IT IS INFORMATIVE, so pay attention and decide if you are willing to do something differently to help change this area of your philosophy that interprets the world as less than it is, as diminished and gray, or blindingly frustrating, or exhausting and too difficult.


    That is not the truth about life. All of these things are PART of the truth, but they are not the truth.


    For those who find they are immediately prompted by Resignation to make a change, do something, focus, make a plan, etc, then we can only say that this is a meaningful and useful time for making that shift.


    Whether making this shift begrudgingly, or making this shift with enthusiasm, the effort matters.

    Edited by Janet

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