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    Lunar/Nature Body Type


    [Excerpt from a private session originally posted by ViP in December 2013.]


    My first question today relates to my Lunar/Nature body type.


    In a previous exchange, you shared this: 'There is some validity to the concept of the "child within," and this body type knows it well. He is kept secret, hidden, quieted, and then reveals himself in tantrum or self-destructive behaviors.'


    I think my Lunar/Nature body type is one of my biggest challenges in being positive and active. Could you describe more about this 'inner child' and how I can make 'him' a real part of my life, so 'he' does not have to be hidden, but can develop and be part of my life in a healthy way?


    At the heart of the Lunar Body Type is a struggle with (and strength of) control and power. For those with more active body types, the control is expressed over others, while the more passive body type such as Lunar, expresses this as resistance to others.


    Lunar Body Types "hate" to be forced into, manipulated, victimized, told what to do, etc.


    However, the Lunar Body Type "loves" to have something to bump up against, to orbit around, to serve this need for resistance.


    This can turn into a nightmare of push/pull that can feel as if one is torn apart, or it can be understood as a dynamic that is invigorating, revealing, and full of mysterious discoveries.


    So to let the energies of this Body Type unleashed into full flow and health is to let yourself have your resistances, have your push/pull events, have your person, persons, or events against which you bump up against as a way to define yourself. These are not "bad" things. They are not always fun or easy, but they are PART of the dynamic of who you are.


    The "kid in you" loves to rebel. Loves to feel the security of an orbit, the sense of light from other sources being shined upon you, because you have a "dark side" that is always yours. No one will take that from you. No one will define that for you. It is untouched by anyone but you. So there is some amount of thrill, joy, and revelation gained from the exposure you allow as a large part of your life.


    Like the Moon, it can be easy to be caught in the gravity of another person, another person's life, and then this gives you something to rebel against, to stand against, to express and experience power and control.


    This may sound like a terrible set up that can be painful and bewildering, and it can be, but it does not have to be. For most evolving Lunar Body Types there is a process of going from static orbit, to rebellious retaliation and reaction, to profound appreciation and trust.


    The Lunar Body Type in its healthiest arc of development is like a microcosmic cycle of growth through dependency, rebellion, independence, then peace (trust).


    So to bring the healthiest angle of the Lunar Body Type into your days, it can be meaningful to first accept that you gain something from those who are more active in their expression of control and power because this helps you to cultivate your own. Then accept this power and control as something that is not static, and it is not something you will probably ever exert over someone else, but you DO HAVE IT. And it is yours. You may not change anyone else, but you get to use it for yourself.


    Once the Lunar Body Type owns his sense of power and control, then the process of independence and peace begins.


    The difference between dependency and rebellion, and independence and peace, is that one is an unconscious process of accessing power and control, while the other is conscious. The first two are reaction, and the latter are response.


    And no matter how resistant or pulled you may feel, it can be helpful to remember that you were never lost in any of it. There was always a consistent "you" involved that is like that symbolic "dark side" of the Moon, untouched, pure, and raw. You were never lost. You simply found all of you.


    That wholeness is the foundation for that peace that would continue to grow.

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      [Brian] Hello Michael, could you please give a larger description of the Solar body type nature?
      The Solar Body Type Nature is as equally consuming as it is giving. It is a delicate economy of taking and giving. There is a kind of transparency in the Solar Body Type that prompts it to find and fulfill identity in or through those who "orbit" about her or him.
      They can be experienced as a constant source of energy, enthusiasm, and delight or as a volatile and overwhelming heat that must remain distanced.
      Aside from the Lunar Body Types, these are the most immature and underdeveloped of the Body Types, in that there is a kind of dependency upon other Body Types for the sense of position and place.
      The Solar Nature can be as child-like and innocent as it can be childish and temperamental.
      Because the Solar Body Type can be so attractive as a source of energy and enthusiasm, they can also be subject to great projection and expectation by others.
      The Solar Nature tends not to be able to hide very well in a life because of the equation of giving and taking in relationships, events, experiences, etc. There would likely always be those who expect of the Solar Nature, and the Solar Nature may find she or he expects of others.
      Because of the rather consuming nature of Solar, its presence is often rather minimal in any combination, only serving as an Active/Positive redirecting of energies for variation of combining planetary influences.
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      [Excerpt from Martial Nature Body Type]
      Bobby: For the rest of my time, would you expand upon the Martial/Nature body type for me like you did the Lunar/Nature body type for VIP? I'd like to add mine to the pool of info that is being gathered on the different body types. You started that off for him with something like "At the heart of the Lunar Body Type is a struggle with..." and continued on from there so I'm looking for something similar except for Martial/Nature.  Based upon what he got, this may even be report option for Troy to offer.
      We understand.
      To start out with your requested phrasing, we might say that at the heart of the Martial Body Type is struggle (and strength) of constantly navigating through life by assessing what NOT to do. The Martial Body Type is an Active body type, so it is naturally seeking stimulations, pleasures, experiences, etc, but it is an Active Negative Body Type, so it tends to focus more on what NOT to do, than on what TO DO.
      This might be the like the difference between emphasizing NOT to touch the hot burner, NOT to spill the hot water, NOT to bump the pot off of the burner, and having all of this emphasized out of proportion to the joy of having tea.
      There is a constant process of self-monitoring, self-consciousness, even to the point of micro-managing, but always on the side of what SHOULD NOT be done.
      This can lead to great amounts of defensiveness and reactionary outburst that are always just below the surface of the skin, particularly provoked if there is direction or correction given that is repeating what is already a part of the strict, Martial navigation.
      Martial Nature does not mind being informed of something new to do or not to do, but do not respond well to being told what to do or not to do if he or she is already doing or not doing that.
      Bobby: LOL
      This Nature is a strength, as well, if this is processed compassionately and gently as a form of navigation.
      When it is processed as a strength, it is merely a standard of integrity and responsibility.
      If this standard of integrity and responsibility is owned, and managed compassionately and gently, it also frees the fragment from expanding the range of the micro-managing, critical, and constant assessment of what others are doing wrong, or doing that should not be done.
      Often the Martial Nature will distract itself from its own constant self-criticism by moving that outwardly, even if privately, to those of others.
      What the Martial Nature eventually learns is that knowing what NOT to do is learned precisely BY DOING WHAT NOT TO DO.
      Do not touch the hot burner was not learned by being told not to touch it. It was learned by touching it.
      In fact, if a Martial Nature is told what not to do, and he or she has not learned not to do it through doing it, then the thing that was told not to do becomes quite distracting to DO.
      So it can be quite a volatile form of navigation for the Martial Nature. If he is told what not to do when he already know what not to do, it can be offensive. If he is told what not to do when he has not even done it, then he will be compelled to do it so he knows not to do it. On his or her own.
      The Martial Nature processes experiences via the Adrenals, and because of this can develop an enduring, high tolerance for stress that is not familiar to any other Body Type.
      It can be quite foreign to the Martial as to how others can be so upset, so thrown off, so disoriented by the simplest of struggles or challenges when measured against their own capacity for managing stress.
      The way the Martial Nature learns empathy for this is through his or her own "meltdowns" and reactions. If there can be drawn a connection between their own breaking point for stress, and calibrate this to understand that others may simply have different points, then the empathy can come. Martial Nature may develop more endurance for stress, but even they have breaking points, and, ironically, these may come even more often than they do for others, but the Martial Nature will justify their own over those of others, because they usually handle stress quite well, so it is presumed there must be a valid reason for their reaction when it is not handled well.
      Bobby: lots of LOLs here :-)
      MEntity: For this reason, the older soul in a Martial Body Type will tend to bond with, or surround herself or himself with, those who have difficulty managing stress, to not only learn more about compassion and patience and kindness for the variation in stress management, but also to keep his or her own breakdowns from being too showcased.
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      [Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission] 
      I had my body type channeled as primary Mercurial, secondary Venusian, tertiary Saturnian... I do resonate with Mercurial... Not sure about the other two. So could you give me my body types and information about how to keep these particular body types healthy and balanced... specifically in reference to my unique make-up?
      Yes, we can say here that you are Mercurial/Venusian/Solar. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary; or Appearance/Nature/Glandular. ...
      The Secondary Body Type describes your psychology and how you tend to physically relate to yourself and others. In this case, your Venusian influences bring warmth, softness, charisma, affection, kindness, and overall general vulnerability and eagerness to be accessible.
      This is probably your "healthiest" body type influence, and it is one upon which you rely a great deal.
      When it is unhealthy, or imbalanced, it is that part of you who at best is disoriented by the shocking lack of effort by others to help create common ground, and at worst either shuts down with numbness or is devastated by offense or rejection.
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      [Excerpt from MMW: The Health of Your Moving Center]
      If you think of the Polarities of the Center as the "skin" of the Center where one Pole or the other comes to the surface, and your state of relationship to the Body and your levels of Self-confidence as the blood, then the very deepest core of your Moving Center issues would be your PRIMARY SHAME.
      The bones.
      Where you are in your dance with Shame affect everything "above" that.
      Everyone has access to each Primary Shame, but the Primary Body Type tends to be the key to one's Primary Shame.
      LUNAR - Intelligence - the shame of not being smart enough
      JOVIAL - Indulgences - the shame of giving in to the pleasures of life and the body
      MARTIAL - Demand - the shame of requiring more than what is obvious or offered
      SOLAR - Needs - the shame of needing more than one will admit or ask for
      MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing
      SATURNIAN - Talents - the shame of not being important or unique enough
      VENUSIAN - Appearances - the shame of not looking or being as you are expected, or expect, to look
      Matching your Primary Body Type to your Primary Shame can shed light on some of the deepest wounding that you may carry that alters the quality of function for the Moving Center.
      If you do not find this at the deepest core of you, it means you have worked hard on this and have transformed it, or you are not looking deeply enough.
      If you have worked hard on this, you probably recognize it.
      These are universal obstacles built into the Body Types. They are what might best be understood as unique "pockets" in the Body Type that collect experiences quite specific to that Body Type and there comes a point in the life where that pocket gets heavy, and/or must be sorted through and emptied.
      [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Advanced Body Types]
      In addition to a Primary Shame, each Body Type has a Primary Joy or Primary Delight.
      This Primary Joy tends to be dynamically tied to the Shame so that if the Joy is blocked or not pursued, the Shame takes over and eventually eclipses all efforts toward Primary Joy. The Body will tend to lock into the Shame as a way to earn or seek Joy, but Shame will always mute Joy.
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