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    [Excerpt from POF - Cat Update and Lunar/Venusian/Martial Body Types]


    Juni: I was told my body types are Lunar, Venusian and Martial. Which of these are appearance, nature and health and how do I keep them healthy?


    As for your Body Types, we see the Lunar as Appearance, Venusian as Nature, and Martial as Health. Of course, these blur across the categories so that Lunar and Venusian are actually Appearance, and Venusian Martial are Nature and Martial Lunar are Health, but those are the primary correlations. ...


    The Martial Health would mean exercise. The Martial body needs to move, to get motion in through and out of the body. There must be some routine of circuitry made with all of the vitality that is basic to the body, such as movement, food, water.


    [Juni] I dance a lot, and I know I feel much better when I do.


    MEntity: Yes.

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