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  • Martial Body Type -- Primary Shame


    [Excerpt from: Bobby's POF Session]


    [Bobby] I now would love to hear what you have to share about my inherent Shame.

    We think your inherent Shame is that of Demands. "Demands" speak to the nature of the body to have expectations fulfilled, often based from "obvious" expectations that are general to all bodies, but then built upon over the years.


    These Demands become Shameful because, at first, they are presumed to be shared by everyone, and even if they are, it is found that these are not to be spoken about. So the original Shaming often begins by expressing these Demands be fulfilled, and then either being shamed into thinking you are the only one with these expectations, or being shamed into confusion about how to have these Demands met when you are not to speak of them.


    Depending on the experiences of the lifetime, this can develop into a multiple layers that harden like concentric spheres of existence for the body. The body becomes like a churning planet that must have its layers shifting and moving as a means to be addressed, but with nearly all of that movement happening over time and below the surface so as to hide from the Shame that these depths represent.


    There are times, however, that there are eruptions, quakes, and various other "events" that reveal that there is much more going on beneath the surface than was ever let on. The life, then, can tend to be a constant cycle of pressure for stillness, containment of movements, and the inevitable eruptions, over and over. This cycling is more prominent and dramatic in those whose Demands are not met, or for those whom the Demands are shrouded in Shame.


    The rise above the Shame of Demands comes when these Demands are put into perspective and an open circle of support can be generated so that these can be expressed, discussed, spoken about, and asked for.


    These Demands are called "demands" not because they are asking too much, or asking for what is not necessary, but because they are drives that are inherent in the body: demands for sleep, for sex, for food, for pleasure, for excitement, for movement, for affection, for acceptance, for intimacy, for play, etc.


    If the rise above Shame comes, then these Demands will have been identified (and can be identified as they come up), allowed, and their fulfillment is found through appropriate processes, and not through force, secrecy, or literal demand.

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