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  • Mercurial Health: Express Yourself


    [Excerpt from private session posted as Body type information and influence of tertiary CF]


    Please give me my mix of body types with percentages, together which of them correspond to Appearance, Nature and Health.


    And, if there is any information specific to my body types that could shed light on why I easily fall into pessimism and despair when faced with challenges, I would appreciate some specific focus on that (and how to improve on it, to be more RESILIENT and POSITIVE, specifically, in the face of challenges where I cannot immediately see a solution.)


    The Body Type mix would appear to be Lunar/Venus/Mercury at approximately 15%/60%/25% respectively, as Nature/Appearance/Health respectively.




    In terms of Health/Mercurial, the management of health here can be fairly simple: EXPRESS YOURSELF. Give form to your thoughts, your feelings, and move the energy OUT of you, into the world.


    When communication is muted, compromised, shamed, then the development of issues related to the Thyroid can come into play.

    [ViP] I was just diagnosed with an enlarged thyroid a couple of months ago! I do not know more about it yet


    We think you may then validate that there is relevance here.


    There are physical ways to manage and heal the thyroid, which would you would do well to consider, but understanding the connection as it relates to your body types can help you to bring even greater effectiveness to any treatment or healing.


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