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  • Mercurial Nature's Psychology


    [Excerpt from 5/25/2015 by Karine]

    [Karine] What influence does having a mercurial nature body type have on my psychology?


    [MEntity] This Body Type used in this context usually means one wanted to have a means for developing mannerisms and body expressions that allow for more one-on-one expression and communication.
    This can show up as your being rather lively, playful, fun, but potentially deceitful, misleading, or coy, and always a quick thinker. One could say that this is a kind of Artisan Influence through your Body, Mannerisms, Behaviors.

    [Excerpt from a Private Session]

    [MEntity] Your Nature is ruled more by Mercury, which might show up as one who is quick-witted, quick-minded, shifting in thoughts quickly and always processing something.

    New ideas, perspectives, and viewpoints are always being explored and shared, and while communication is vital for this Nature, it is most fulfilling when one-on-one.

    It might also lend one to be rather fleeting in exchanges and even distracted, so it can sometimes show up as insecurities or arrogance and distraction.

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