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  • Mercury in Appearance


    [Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission]


    I had my body type channeled as primary Mercurial, secondary Venusian, tertiary Saturnian... I do resonate with Mercurial... Not sure about the other two. So could you give me my body types and information about how to keep these particular body types healthy and balanced... specifically in reference to my unique make-up?


    Yes, we can say here that you are Mercurial/Venusian/Solar. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary; or Appearance/Nature/Glandular.


    On a Primary Level, this gives you a physical restlessness that extend throughout the bodies, which includes the heart and mind.


    NicSweeney: Yep.


    This restlessness can be productive or frustrating, which would be what we might say are positive and negative poles in this case.


    The way you could help yourself manage this is to always discern between repetition that brings no results vs effort or action that brings results or solutions.


    "Is this familiar?" might be a simple way to ask if you need to change directions, and also to learn how long is fair to remain in one direction before trying another. You can tend to build momentum and investment, which can lead to great breakthroughs, but more often to frustration and freneticism. What your bodies have learned is the long way to breakthroughs, instead of having learned that there are shortcuts, so to speak, that could bypass a great deal of distraction and frustrations.

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