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    [Excerpt from private session that is not currently on the site, posted with permission]



    Would the Michaels please comment on my body type, what it is, what that entails (Y'all have previously mentioned that my body type was a part of my high energy... I am assuming this is a part of my "multi fold energy levels" that won't be generally within the norm), and how I can better take care of my body, diet, exercise, etc. wise.


    I'm curious to see if I could similarly "optimize" things (from Nicholas's channeling) by eating lots of dark leafy greens, fruits, and then some legumes and rice, or similar, or what exactly was good for my body type (I'm assuming very similar, if not the same). I feel more exercise would be very good for me, but I haven't chosen to "exercise" that option so far. 😕 Anyway, thanks 🙂


    In your case, we think your Body Type is composed of Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine and Neptunian.


    The Neptunian would be minimal, but it does not take much energy from the Outer Planets to have effect. In your case, this would show up as adding a constant element of fantasy, daydreaming, and other-worldliness to even your best efforts to be a solid, physical, emotional and intellectual presence.


    The only ways around it would be to suppress it or to ignore it, but this can lead to many issues, or you can embrace it and manage it, which would show up as directing this force of other-worldliness into creative projects, healing, or any other means of bringing it into tangibility.


    The force of the Neptunian influence can weigh on any fragment who does not find a way to bring it into tangibility, and if it does not find that tangibility, it can show up as a constant disenchantment, or behaviors that are so skewed away from social norms that it can make it difficult to be around.

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