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  • Plutonian Influence


    [Excerpt from a private session on June 16, 2016]


    Questioner: My profile lists Pluto as one of my body types. In a session with another TLE member you said, "When this planetary influence is involved, the lifetime would tend to be one that has a strong sense that 'something' has to be done to change course, to alter a pattern, and to transform a momentum. This momentum tends to be in terms of lifetimes, not just the current lifetime, so a Plutonian lifetime would tend to be a turning point for Essence as well as that Personality." What is the significance of the Plutonian body type for this life and for Essence?


    MEntity: As for Pluto: there tends to be a death in the life that is profound enough to alter the life, or a profound blow to the life that transforms the Personality from passive to active in terms of its presence, participation, and power.


    Questioner: I was wondering if it was literal death. To date, I have had very little experience with death and no major deaths that have affected me. Am I missing a death that did affect me and I don't know it?


    It is not always so dramatic, but there comes a point in a life when the Plutonian influence activates in intensity and the life is shifted into an opportunity for redirection, even if only internally. It can be like living two lives in one.


    No, it has not happened. We do not say this to leave you with a looming concern, but simply because it is true. This is not a "bad" thing, even if the shock of it might seem so at the time.


    Questioner: I understand.


    MEntity: And it is not limited to actual death or dramatic impact. Those are the more obvious ways, but the activation can come from a major and pivotal choice that alters the course of the life, too.

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