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  • Saturnian Body Type -- Primary Shame


    [Excerpt from: Ask Michael: June 2017]

    CongN: Hi Ms. Could you elaborate on the Saturnian Shame of TALENTS like you did with Brian for the Jovial Shame last session?


    The Shame of Talents is the preoccupation with one's not being important or unique enough, not being recognized as "special" in some way, or conversely being recognized as "too special," different, and odd due to specializations and uniqueness. It is a struggle around identification with what or who or how one is that is on clear display in some way.


    Saturnian Body Types can often become driven to matter more in some way and this forces a deep exploration of what sets one apart as authentically Unique vs superficially Special.


    Saturnian Body Types often come with a built in impulse to stand out and above from others, in both literal and figurative ways. That impulse can turn to Shame when it gets distorted into compulsion or when what one wishes to be recognized for is eclipsed by other ways that Saturn stands out.


    This is not exclusive to the Saturn Body Type, but it is where their Shame tends to go first.

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