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  • Solar Body Type -- Nature


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: October 2014]


    [Brian] Hello Michael, could you please give a larger description of the Solar body type nature?


    The Solar Body Type Nature is as equally consuming as it is giving. It is a delicate economy of taking and giving. There is a kind of transparency in the Solar Body Type that prompts it to find and fulfill identity in or through those who "orbit" about her or him.


    They can be experienced as a constant source of energy, enthusiasm, and delight or as a volatile and overwhelming heat that must remain distanced.


    Aside from the Lunar Body Types, these are the most immature and underdeveloped of the Body Types, in that there is a kind of dependency upon other Body Types for the sense of position and place.


    The Solar Nature can be as child-like and innocent as it can be childish and temperamental.


    Because the Solar Body Type can be so attractive as a source of energy and enthusiasm, they can also be subject to great projection and expectation by others.


    The Solar Nature tends not to be able to hide very well in a life because of the equation of giving and taking in relationships, events, experiences, etc. There would likely always be those who expect of the Solar Nature, and the Solar Nature may find she or he expects of others.


    Because of the rather consuming nature of Solar, its presence is often rather minimal in any combination, only serving as an Active/Positive redirecting of energies for variation of combining planetary influences.

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