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    [Excerpt from a private session, posted with permission]


    I had my body type channeled as primary Mercurial, secondary Venusian, tertiary Saturnian... I do resonate with Mercurial... Not sure about the other two. So could you give me my body types and information about how to keep these particular body types healthy and balanced... specifically in reference to my unique make-up?


    Yes, we can say here that you are Mercurial/Venusian/Solar. Primary/Secondary/Tertiary; or Appearance/Nature/Glandular.


    Your Tertiary Body Type is Solar, and this is directly linked to your Thymus as a medium of processing the status of your entire Being, in general.


    The Thymus is directly linked to immunity, and by extension to your overall state of self-esteem.


    This planetary influence in the tertiary realm usually shows up as someone who "never gets sick," but does tend to carry chronic issues for some length of time, or when they get sick, they "really get sick."


    More than other body types, this influence is an almost "real-time" reflection of where one is in terms of self-esteem, trust, and confidence in various areas of the life.

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