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  • Healthy Venusian Nature


    [Excerpt from a private session originally posted on May 22, 2016]


    Juni: I was told my body types are Lunar, Venusian and Martial. Which of these are appearance, nature and health and how do I keep them healthy?


    As for your Body Types, we see the Lunar as Appearance, Venusian as Nature, and Martial as Health. Of course, these blur across the categories so that Lunar and Venusian are actually Appearance, and Venusian Martial are Nature and Martial Lunar are Health, but those are the primary correlations. ...


    For Venusian Nature, it would be helpful to keep in mind that you require affection. Venusians thrive on touch. The Venusian NEEDS to touch and be touched, to exchange affection, to pet, to caress. If this is not available in exchange with a Human or Non-Human companion, then it is still as important to provide this for the self. Touch yourself in loving ways. Give pleasures to the body in ways that remind it that it is more than just a vehicle.


    Juni: So kind of like Sage need for affection amplified?


    MEntity: And, yes. A Sage in a Venus Body Type is one of the most approachable and magnetic of combinations, or one of the most repellent if the Personality is lascivious.


    ### end of excerpt

    You may discuss this content in Juni's post about her session. See Lunar/Venusian/Martial Body Types.

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