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  • Intellectual Centering, Emotional Part


    [Excerpt from a private session on June 16, 2016]


    As for your "thinking too much," there is truth to this, but only as part of a Trap that you find yourself in between the Intellect and Emotion.


    You overthink your feelings.


    This is because you long to be more Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part.


    What happens in Intellectual Centering, Emotional Part is that thoughts build and grow and take up a great amount of "room" in the mind, and the Emotional Part is mute.


    There is no outward expression of your thoughts, no form to put them into, so they show up as "feelings," as agitations in the body, and "boomeranged" back into the Intellect to be organized and sorted and tamed.


    Centering and Part are not static, so this only describes the habit that you have developed. To change this is only a matter of changing your habits.


    When the Intellectual/Emotional is in cycle of a Trap, it tends to be that the Personality is stuck in a cycle of listening to others and listening to a cacophony of inner thoughts that then generate feelings that then must be tamed and sorted and managed, which then brings up more feelings, etc.


    This leads to a numbness after some time.


    Or to great outbursts that are senseless because the Emotional Part has no voice, and the Moving gets called in as the outlet, which often does not go well.


    A personality tends to choose one or the other as their method of managing the Trap. Either the outbursts or the numbness.


    So what you can do to bring this back into balance is to proactively activate all three Centers at once in a way that allows for you to be familiar with them as a team, so to speak.


    To activate all three at once, a common and easy method is to take a walk while listening to music.


    The Intellect will be present by default, and the music would activate the Emotions, and your body is included because it is Moving.


    Experiencing this in a way that is playful but aware can help you to catch those moments when you feel a confidence to move in harmony to the music/emotions, and to sing out loud in confidence, even if quietly.


    All of this gives you practice in the experience of giving form to feelings, voice to movement, soothing of intellect.

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