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  • Health of Your Moving Center


    [Extracted from MMW: The Health of your Moving Center]


    [Note: The session was originally slated to cover all the "lower" centers but became a session focused on the Moving Center.]


    We have been asked to discuss the health of your "lower" Centers. We will begin with a quick review of these Centers.


    The "lower" Centers are thought of as the MOVING, EMOTIONAL, and INTELLECTUAL Centers.


    Though the Instinctive Center may be thought of as "lower," it is actually the meeting ground of all Centers, or the "hub," if you will. This can be confusing in terms of correlating to the Roles, but we will address this at another time.


    We will define "healthy" here as the Positive Poles of the Centers discussed today.


    We will define "unhealthy" as the Negative Poles.


    The discussion today will be about the Centers, not your Centering. In other words, your Centering merely describes your habitual and prioritized use of the Centers, but all of your Centers are working.


    So as we discuss a Center that is not a part of your Centering, it will still be relevant.


    MOVING CENTER: +Productive -Frustrative


    The greatest indicators of one's Moving Center Health is where one is in terms of patterns of Productivity or patterns of Frustration.


    When one feels as if progress is being made, there is Productivity, and this feels expansive. When progress is hindered, delayed, or halted, it can show up as Frustrating.


    The key here is not in a day of frustration or a day of productivity, but in the consistency of one over the other.


    The more you are frustrated, the more you are in the Negative Pole. The more you are productive, the more you are in the Positive Pole.


    It is the patterns that matter, not the pauses.


    There are times when a single event may come into play that feels as if it destroys progress or suddenly catapults one into progress after a long term of frustration.


    However powerful these single events are, it is the follow through, the larger pattern that will always matter most.


    If you have a tremendous breakthrough and then do not follow up on this, that pattern of frustration matters more than the breakthrough. If there is a tremendous setback, a blow to the life, to progress, it can seem all progress is lost, but it does not have to be. If the pattern of Productivity is upheld, then the blow to the life shifts into a curve, not a wall.


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    Two factors are key symptoms to the overall patterns of use of the Moving Center besides the obvious Production and Frustration.


    Your relationship with your BODY and your SELF-CONFIDENCE.


    The relationship with one's Body and the state of one's Self-Confidence are the deeper elements that indicate the foundation of one's Moving Center. If these are in poor states, then all use of the Moving Center will be affected.


    In other words, no matter how Productive you may be, you will have a much more difficult time experiencing this as progress if you have a poor relationship with your Body and lack Self-Confidence.


    Full access to the Positive Pole of your Moving Center means having a healthy and loving relationship with your Body and a strong sense of Self-Confidence.


    If you give "100%" of your effort to success and progress in the life, yet despise your body and/or bombard yourself with self-doubt, you may only have access to about 10% of your energy.


    Conversely, if one has great confidence and love for the body, then the slightest efforts can yield tremendous results.


    Loving your Body means accepting it AS IT IS and as an accurate representation of you, even as you may seek to improve and maintain it.


    Self-confidence means allowing room for self-doubt, but making choices based on intentions, not on fears and defenses.


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    ... It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part.


    This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms.


    The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle.


    The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently.


    When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy."


    Hit the ball. Ball moves.


    But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form.


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    We think that Troy was a bit ambitious in asking us to cover all three Centers, so what we will do now is open the floor to your questions and save assessment of the other Centers for another exchange. Digging deeply into the Moving Center today is vital and your living with the thoughts and feelings from today for a while can help in further assessments.

    Edited by Janet

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