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  • Neglected Moving Center


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Freedom from Life Traps]


    We realize that this sounds quite simplistic, to say that whatever centering of the three lower centers is neglected is the solution, but it truly is that simple. For an individual whose life feels as if it is blocked who is emotional centered intellectual part, more action is necessary in that life to break that cycle and to free that individual from the effects of the life trap. Nothing else is required. For the individual who has neglected the emotional centering, allowing feelings allowing affection allowing anything that related to trusting and perception would break the cycle.


    The emphasis on the neglected centering would be proportional to the weight of the life trap. So while someone who has neglected the emotional center could allow the experience of being hugged to be felt, it would not change the life in that moment. But in the same way that the life trap became a life trap through cumulative insults and wounding, so would the resolution come in cumulative effects. However it does not take as long as the life trap took to develop. It can be changed depending on the commitment and the awareness of the emphasis of the neglected center.


    Question: So if, using your example, emotional center intellectual part, having to use the moving center, is it in general or does it have to be specific to what your trap is? Moving is moving?


    We would say it has to be the positive pole, so in terms of a neglected moving center, you would not want to move to just move in terms of the negative pole of being frenetic or in some cases frustrated. Frustration and frenetic behavior are results of an imbalanced moving center. So having random fidgeting or restlessness, or sexcapades, or masturbation, or simply running errands and so forth, does not bring the resolve that is necessary. You would want to be in the positive pole which is productivity. In other words the actions would show results. The actions that you are taking bring about some sort of result that you intended. And that is our definition of productivity, in that the results that you intended you achieve.

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