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  • Developing Chief Feature Early


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: January 2007]


    [tkmppi] If one chooses one’s Chief Feature very early, for instance at age 12, what are the consequences for one’s development?


    [Michael Entity] The greatest “consequence” we can see as a result of developing a Chief Negative Feature early in life is either a deeply rooted rejection of the caretakers, or a deeply dysfunctional attachment to the caretakers. This is because a Chief Negative Feature is usually not a habit of one’s own behavior until approximately the teenage years, and the use of a Chief Feature before that time is usually one imposed by a caretaker, either through the modeling of that fear, or in the nurturing of that fear for the child. It is not that the child is the victim of this imposition, but simply that it is learned from a strong influence. Often a child who exhibits behavior that could be described as a Chief Negative Feature has not actually “chosen” this method of protection, but are merely feeding back, embodying, or complimenting the fears of the parents/caretakers. Until a child has begun the Third Internal Monad, it is safe to say that any exhibited fears are usually an extension of the caretakers’ fears.

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