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    [Excerpt from MMW: You & Your Goal]


    Maureen: I want to clarify that I answered Yes to your questions above, that I do understand where I am at with my Goal, etc., because I am aware of "having" to work on Acceptance around issues, relationships, etc. Acceptance is never totally a "done deal". As Janet stated about her Goal I believe mine, as well, comes down, quite acutely, to Self-Acceptance. To get there, to Self-Acceptance, I have to move through accepting some choices of another, or others, and that hasn't been easy. In my experience, acceptance of others, of other's choices, seems to be inextricably tied to acceptance of self. It's often been a struggle to accept all the nuances a person or a situation to arrive at a state of Acceptance or wholeness for myself that also includes others. It's also been hard to "accept" the choices of another when you haven't been included or "accepted" in their choices. I just realized I'm talking about rejection, from an outside source, and that may be one of the hardest things for someone with the Goal of Acceptance to "accept".


    When it comes to Acceptance, one of the final lessons of this Goal is that Acceptance INCLUDES accepting when you determine what is unacceptable. Acceptance is not a path toward mindless permissions and blank checks of credibility to the choices and actions of others. It is a long and often painful process of learning what is acceptable and what is not.


    When something or someone is unacceptable it does not mean that you do not accept them.


    This may sound like a contradiction, but for those in Acceptance, this can be a rather profound "A HA!"


    In extreme instances this can be clearly understood when something like rape, murder, incest, child abduction, abuse, torture, etc are put up for examination of their acceptability.


    Acceptance does not ask you to accept these. It asks you to know what Acceptance IS. It does not ask you to break your spirit trying to accept the most harmful of behaviors, experiences, and life.


    So Self-Acceptance is the final frontier, so to speak, in determining and accepting your bank of Acceptable vs Unacceptable, and knowing how to appropriately navigate the choices involved around that.


    True Self-Acceptance does not force you to accept the truly unacceptable.


    Your soul knows what is truly unacceptable.


    So as you grow in Soul Age and Manifesting of Essence, this becomes clearer and clearer, not from a superficial position of preferences and pickiness and morality and indignation and righteousness, but from a deep truth that grows from eons of Karma.


    Acceptance is not in opposition to Justice.


    The Universe is entirely aligned with both Acceptance AND Justice, or Karma would not exist.


    Maureen: Sounds like one of the last Paradoxes.


    The point is not to accept the choices of others if they are harmful, but to know what to do (or not to do) when the choices and actions of others are harmful. The point is not to depend upon an eventual world of acceptable choices and actions of others to find peace and acceptance of the self, but to find that peace and acceptance in the self by trusting the truth of differences in acceptable and unacceptable.


    The reason this is not an easy path is because you must sort through all of your own superficial and righteous expectations and conditions that misuse the power of Acceptance, Ingratiating yourself or others to fulfill false criteria for Acceptance, and learn to use this power of Acceptance from a place of Agape.

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