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  • Discrimination: Learning to make better choices


    [Extracted from a private session posted by Hani on August 2, 2013]


    Hani: Once you said in every soul level we manifest the essence at least once, and I would like to know how many lives have I had as an old level 3 and if I have had any life manifesting essence in this level so far? Also why was there so much emphasis from essence for this personality (Hani) to gain consciousness at very early age?


    Your Goal is Discrimination. It is important to understand what this means.


    In its simplest of terms, it means that everything in your life is being funneled into the experience of learning how to make better choices, more refined choices.


    Before you learn how that works for you, you learn how it does not work for you.


    And so Discrimination falls into Rejection.


    Hani: I thought I was past that phase (Rejection).


    This is a shutting down of the process of choice.


    You are a spectrum, Hani, not a linear path. You will fall into Rejection.


    Hani: I understand now.


    Even the Positive Poles of an Overleaf will INCLUDE its Negative Pole.


    The difference is that when the Negative Pole is on its own, it feels like that is all there is: Rejection. When Rejection is used as part of Sophistication, the Positive Pole, it means you have learned to say "no" to that which is appropriately turned away, instead of to everything.


    What is left is Sophistication, because you have embraced what is aligned with you. When you say no to everything, you lose what is aligned with you in the process.


    ### end of extract


    This content may be discussed in Hani's original post. See Manifesting Essence and Discrimination as a GOAL.

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