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  • Distinguishing between Rejection and Sophistication


    [Excerpted from a private session, posted by Hani on November 3, 2017.]


    Hani: I would like to know more about my goal. How could I distinguish between being in rejection vs sophistication?


    MEntity: Discrimination is the process of learning how to say NO, by first learning how to say YES.


    Hani: Sometimes I find myself lingering in an experience way too long for the fear of saying No and being in rejection, when I might actually be in sophistication.


    When one is in Rejection, there is a tendency to always say No, even when you say Yes. It can show up as being resentful of your saying Yes, or being isolated in some way by your saying No.


    When one is in Sophistication, one has learned to say No with authenticity because she has learned to say Yes with authenticity.


    Both Discrimination and Acceptance are a process of learning how to be honest with yourself and with others.


    The greatest difference between Rejection and Sophistication is that Rejection is a reaction, and Sophistication is a choice.


    And you can turn Rejection into Sophistication if you own the choice that was driven by reaction. Owning the choice is Sophistication.


    *** End of excerpt


    You can discuss this material within the original post. See Discrimination, Rejection vs. Sophistication.

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