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  • Dominance in an Older Soul


    [Excerpted from a personal blog posted in January 2012]



    In terms of Dominance, again, this is an Overleaf that will show up quite differently among Soul Ages and Roles. Dominance is an Action Goal, and if valid, would have the fragment constantly in positions that pull her into the world and into situations that give the opportunity for Leadership or Dictatorship.


    As the Older Soul has moved more into the realm of personal healing and development, bumping up against all of the challenges within the self, and away from the realm of bumping up against the challenges that the world brings with it, then this becomes more of an "inner" Goal than one that plays out externally. That is not to say that it does not show up externally, because it does, but more often in terms of example than as literal.


    Both Submission and Dominance are about learning where and how one is most effective and needed in the world. Submission tends toward this being a more personal, private exploration and limited to the self, whereas Dominance tends to move that personal exploration into exemplary status, either as a literal "leader," or for the Older Soul, as a constant self-consciousness that one is setting an example.


    The Exalted Overleaves will always include the processes of the Ordinal Overleaves, so while Dominance will act similarly to Submission in its effort to create or discover where the self is most effective and needed, it will then take this further into how this affects beyond the self. In the case of Dominance, this would then mean helping others to align to their own sense of being most-effective and needed, either through Leadership (example) or through Dictatorship (guilting, shaming, or being oblivious or in denial of having any impact.)


    ### end of excerpt

    You may discuss this content in the blog entry from which the excerpt was pulled. See Power and Dominance.

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      Open Floor

      [Michael Entity]
      Hello to all of you. We are here. We will begin with the requested "Energy Report."

      To continue the arc of exploration into the Mode for the year, Observation continues be the emphasis. Clarity as the positive pole seems to be a strong force for most of our students, with very little fall into Surveillance. By that we mean that what is being observed is not distanced from the observer. The experience of clarity through observation is specifically due to the intimacy, or resonance, with that which is being observed in terms of HOW one is relating to personal goals, and HOW one is relating to others. We see most of our students as experiencing a range from tolerance to true comfort in terms of exploring their relationship with Dominance's poles (LEADERSHIP: asserting direction over that which can be directed; or DICTATORSHIP: asserting control over that which is not yours to control).

      Over the next month or so, along with this Clarity of relationship with Dominance, many students may find themselves experiencing a theme of SURRENDER. By this we mean that many of our students will clearly be able to see what can be directed in the life, and what simply cannot be controlled. Surrender is the healthy, conscious acknowledgment of that which cannot be controlled. Surrender is NOT the same thing as Resignation, which is a "giving up." Being caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella is an opportunity for Surrender. It is raining. You cannot control that. Surrender. Two people can be caught in a rainstorm and one person can surrender while the other resigns. Surrender is an empowering alignment with the force that is greater than you, while Resignation is a discordant overwhelm by the force that is great than you.

      It is encouraged that you remember that this period of time from March through May carries with it an emphasis on your relationship to Self, which is often played out through your Self-Karma. It is of no surprise to us that your little groups were brought into focus as a playground for various Self-Karma to be played out. If ALL responses to the group issues at hand were to be explored FIRST as personal issues of inner karma, a great deal of progress could be made to your liking.

      April 13 through the 19th appear to us to be a Nexus with a focus on DIVERGENCES (or the splitting off of parallel universes). Choices made over the first part of the year will now find their various places among the various versions of you. We suspect that most of our students can see the one or two major choices that have been made, or will have been made, by the middle of April that would generate a parallel life. Troy's move to Holland, for instance, is a parallel version of his life that will parallel versions that do not leave the U.S. Most of you will know what choice is being made that, if not made, would have led to very different places. April 13th through 19th is a frame of time were many fragments will shift in terms of branching off versions of the life. This branching off is not unusual, and it happens "all the time," but when many happen at once, this is called a Nexus. It would not be surprising to us if that period of time brings about fantastical dreams, extra sleep, exhaustion, distractions, etc. This is due to the literal use of energy from the life to generate a parallel or parallels. In most cases, we see the theme for this Nexus as being parallels that are the ACTIVE, contributing parallels that focused on SURRENDER so that true empowerment is the emphasis, versus the more PASSIVE, self-protective parallels that focus on RESIGNATION and struggle for a sense of control.

      We will open the floor for questions now.

      [Ann] Would michael say that surrender comes with more of a feeling of joy than resignation or at least pleasure?

      [Michael Entity] Often Surrender is ecstasy. The feeling of being consumed by a force greater than oneself, but also falling into alignment with that force, is a practice is surrender to Essence, Entity, Cadre, Energy Ring, and on through to Tao. Returning to the experience of being caught in the rain: one can complain and resign bitterly to the wet or surrender and turn the face toward the reality of the cool wash that is rain. Surrender is TRUST. It is the retrieval of experiences from the past that remind you that you will survive that experience. To turn to something more intense: if one were to find that one has a terminal illness, one can also surrender. This is different from "giving up," or resigning. Often those who surrender to a terminal illness are the ones who survive that illness, because the alignment with that greater force then allows more empowering decisions and shifts within the body and mind that could not have happened from the struggling resistance or resignation. So, yes, it is often a pleasure to surrender.

      [H2OSprtlvr] Is Fasting good for our bodies? If so is there a particular way to Fast, such as drinking a mix of something or just abstaining from food all together?

      [Michael Entity] Fasting is a natural process for the human body that has lost its place among modern patterns of eating. In the past, various fasting periods of time were naturally in place for practices of conserving energy, food sources, and often from necessity. This allowed the body to "reset" itself in various ways, physically, psychologically, and eventually the spiritual elements were added to the process. Fasting allows a great deal of energy to move that would normally NOT move because of the process of intake. Fasting is actually more important than ever for the human body, as your world is utterly drowning itself in various forms of constant intake without true digestion. There are various forms of fasting, but an "easy" fast is to simply stop eating for 3 days. Liquids are always important for the process of fasting, as this helps to move the energy that needs to move. Liquids can include simple soups (light miso), water (with up to 10% juice, if preferred), and some simple teas (without caffeine). A fast will not "feel good" during the process, unless it is a process that you have experienced regularly, but the return to digesting life after a fast can be quite profound in experience. We suggest a fast as being no shorter than three days, and no longer than 7. In short, fasting is excellent for all levels of all of your bodies.

      [H2OSprtlvr] "digesting life after a fast" is a profound statement.

      [Kathryn41] I was fortunate enough to hear a crystal bowl concert today, and hearing the sounds certainly felt very energizing and cleansing to my body. What sounds are most useful for 'cleansing/healing' and what sounds would work against such objectives? I find a lot of what passes for popular music today very uncomfortable, so much so that it actually 'hurts'.

      [Michael Entity] The Sun that you know is a neutral force, but the experience of a thirsting man in the desert is different from the oiled-up lovely lady on the beach in her sun hat. Sound/Music is the same. NONE of it is "bad" for you on its own, or even "better" or "good" for you on its own, but certain circumstances, internally or externally, can change your experience of that sound/music. Knowing your internal and external circumstances helps you to navigate your place in the sun and among the sounds in your world based upon how you resonate with the variations of those forces. In other words, knowing that your skin is sensitive can allow you to provide yourself relief and protection from the forces of the sun that are just as beneficial to someone else.

      [Kathryn41] that makes sense, thank you

      [Michael Entity] Knowing that your hearing, or sense of harmony, is sensitive can allow you to provide yourself relief and protection from the forces of sound that are just as beneficial to someone else. This extends to all forces in your world. Movies, music, news, etc. ARE ALL NEUTRAL. Your PERSONAL experience of those things is what determines their place on your spectrum of "good" or "bad."

      [Kathryn41] so 'we' are the variables:-)

      [Michael Entity]
      We would describe your statement as very well put.

      It may appear that the discordant sounds of "hair-metal" are awful forces in the world, but they are not. They are simply the sounds that already exist, with or without your approval or resonance. For many, the externalization of inner discord through the harshness of sound is a healing process. However, this is not to say that there is not a range of sound that exists from Discord to Harmony. That range does exist. And in the same way that one progresses from choices based in Survival to choices based in Compassion, so does one's preference for Harmony tend to evolve. And in the same way that every soul age includes the comprehension of every previous soul age, so does one's preferences for higher harmonies have to built upon the comprehension of lower discord. Simply dismissing music as awful is not a step toward harmony. Comprehending the spectrum of preferences among your fellow fragments helps to comprehend the spectrum within yourself.

      [H2OSprtlvr] Are the wild dolphins around the Fiji islands that interact with the tourist annoyed with the human tourist for being dropped off in their path or do they truly enjoy swimming and playing with the tourist?

      [Michael Entity] Most Dolphins who are in positions of interaction with Humans adore the experience, but not always from the spiritual level that some tend to project upon the experience. Many "make fun" of the Humans and others know of the sexual "hang ups" among humans, so tend to push that level for humor. In short, Dolphins tend to find the experience comical and fun.

      [H2OSprtlvr] I know that dolphins are much more sexual and promiscuous than we humans are. Are we disrupting their sleep time or anything that they are on a mission to do? These tour groups go out daily to interact with wild pods of dolphins.

      [Michael Entity] To help you "see" the humans the way many dolphins experience humans, it might help to remember the kind of feeling and perception you may have for a fat puppy, ranging from his floundering attempts to walk or run, to his trying to do something complicated and seeing his "pride."

      [Kathryn41] hehehehehe
      [Ann] hehehe
      [H2OSprtlvr] very funny
      [H2OSprtlvr] so they see us as "cute and adorable" like a fat puppy.

      [Michael Entity] At worst, the dolphins tolerate the inconvenience, but we see no interference, at least within this particular context. There are other contexts in which dolphins and whales despise humans.

      [Kathryn41] understandable
      [H2OSprtlvr] no doubt
      [Ann] yes
      [H2OSprtlvr] and rightfully so.

      [Michael Entity] We will conclude here. Good night to all of you.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      [Excerpt from private session in 2015: More on the Goal of Dominance]
      I've been studying the Goal of Dominance in people I know and would like some validation. What I see is that they all have either spent a great deal of time sliding to Submission or they do exemplify leadership (like XX does) but they want to downplay their leadership value so as not to draw attention to it. It’s like even the ones that clearly use their Positive Poles are embarrassed about being known to “shine” as a leader or they see it as “too much” or “manipulation”, somehow, and don’t want to be “found out” that they have this “power”.
      I see this Goal as a strength, in each of them, so I find it hard to understand why they have such a hard time either acknowledging this Goal or want to dissociate from it or at least appear to. I feel like there may be a very simple explanation for this, perhaps cultural, and I may be complicating my understanding of it.
      Would you comment on a major theme that goes across the board for this Goal or if (only if) it would be helpful, for my understanding, would you comment on each of them. Nephew (Warrior-cast Sage), Nephew's mother (king-cast Warrior). Friend (Scholar-cast Warrior). Friend (Sage-cast Priest). Friend (Warrior-cast Sage).
      First, as you know, this is a Goal. It is not a description of where one IS, but a description of where one is trying to go. This means that those in Acceptance, may not be accepting, but are trying to be. Those in Dominance may not be leaders, but are trying to be.
      Second, specific to any Exalted Goal is the dynamic of being exposed, seen, put into positions of responsibility, put into positions of obligation, put into positions of expectations, etc.
      Depending on the Role, other Overleaves, imprinting, gender, culture, etc, this makes for either a very appealing Goal or a terrifying Goal.
      Currently, more females have moved toward taking on this Goal, all while growing up in cultures that shame them, even punish them, for this effort.
      The association of reward vs punishment with the results of pursuing this Goal makes for many Personalities learning to do so in disguise, through stealth, strategy, or over long arcs of time so that no one notices.
      In addition to this, when Dominance "fails," they fail HARD. Failure to Dominance is as physically, emotionally, and intellectually painful as rejection is for Acceptance, or meaninglessness and pointlessness are for Growth.
      For your nephew, there is imprinting involved that comes from the modeling of Dominance from his mother. For the rest in your list, it is for the most part a matter of gender and culture. Some embrace the challenge of Dominance more readily than others, but each are coming to terms with their strengths of leadership.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      [Extracted from a personal blog posted in February 2014.]
      Janet: ... I must ask about the 'coincidence' of [three co-workers] having a goal of Dominance.
      Often those who wish to learn a new facet of use/aim for Dominance will congregate to showcase that which is appealing, that which is not, and then to calibrate one's own Goal to be more personal than simply driven.
      This is true of all Goals, actually.
      Acceptance will congregate. Submission, Discrimination, etc.
      Janet: That makes sense. It would be interesting to poll other students to validate this.
      To be clear, this is not meant in terms of "all Acceptance will be drawn together" or "all Growth will be drawn together," but meant more in terms of "if another facet of Acceptance is sought to be practiced/discovered/aimed for, then there would tend to be congregation," etc.
      Some Goals, such as Acceptance, are more prone to consistent congregation than other Goals, such as Flow.
      Janet: It must be somewhat unusual for those in Dominance to congregate.
      MEntity: Actually, it is not as uncommon, since Goals such as Discrimination, Acceptance, and Dominance tend to become quite tunnel-visioned.
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