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  • Experiencing Positive and Negative Poles of Flow


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: March 2013]


    If you are experiencing the positive pole of Flow, you would tend to feel as if you have plenty of time, that your pace is comfortable, and that obstacles can be navigated. Freedom (the positive pole) does not mean easy, but it does tend to bring a confidence that allows for more graceful navigation.

    If you are experiencing the negative pole of Flow, you may find that you feel a nagging pull in a direction that you might wish to ignore, but that you know is impending as an obligation, or that you are being pulled in a direction that you resent having to negotiate, or that you have begun to invest in as deep a distraction as possible from the direction you seem to be moving.




    The flow of one’s life is not an imposition, but a culmination of choices and actions that have generated a momentum. Sometimes the long-term results of long-term choices can reveal some difficult or unappealing directions, but these can be altered if you are present and steering your way. You may not be able to reverse the flow, but you can alter that flow.

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