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  • Flow sliding to Growth and Dominance


    [Excerpt from the workshop, Validating your Profile OMW]


    [Diane_H] But I also have all neutral overleaves, how would I begin to tell the difference between sliding and effects of casting?


    [Diane_H] Or perhaps I slide to the Server overleaves more easily?


    Neutral Overleaves ALWAYS appear like other Overleaves, hence their being Neutral.


    Neutral Overleaves will always "slide" as a means for functioning, and they may often go to the Axis of the Role or Casting.


    In your case, for you to truly Flow, you will slide to Growth or Dominance. Both of these are on the Axes related to your Casting and Role.


    The GOAL will remain the same, which is to Flow, but your means of Flow is to sometimes turn your challenges into opportunities for Growth/Evolution, and sometimes into opportunities to return yourself to a position of Dominance/Leadership.


    Validating Neutral Overleaves will always go back to looking at the Positive and Negative Poles as descriptions of where you land.


    For example, you tend to "take charge" and move into Dominance because you have fallen into Inertia, or feeling like life is not going anywhere, or is moving in a direction you would rather alter, and though you will use Dominance to alter that Inertia, it is still for the sake of Freedom, or returning yourself to a state of peace, not a state of control.

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